MOUNTAIN Smokes enable cigarette smokers to go beyond the tobacco & nicotine that come with traditional cigarettes while continuing to enjoy the pleasures that come with smoking.

According to the CDC nearly 40M US adults smoke cigarettes.

Millions of these cigarette smokers and vapers enjoy their smokes, but we think there’s something even better: MOUNTAIN Hemp CBD Smokes – absolutely the most delicious, smoothest, best-tasting smokes you have ever had.  And we guarantee it.




AN EASY TRANSITION FROM CIGARETTES:  Our customers LOVE that they can continue enjoying the ritual of smoking, but add an incredible flavor and smoothness unlike anything else. MOUNTAIN Smokes offer much of the same sensations of smoking from beginning to end – a calming sensation, smooth flavor, and a daily ritual.

A CALMING BUZZ:  CBD is commonly used to manage occassional stress & maintain a daily state of calmness… and when smoked, many find that it offers a gentle, calming buzz.

SMOOTH FLAVOR:  Our premium organic Hemp Flower is unmatched in quality, flavor, and consistency. Our proprietary blend includes Mullein and Sage. The aroma is similar to Cannabis. Learn more about our Hemp.

DAILY RITUAL:  We love the notion of a ritual. It’s a moment to pause and reflect on the day.  Welcome to your new ritual: MOUNTAIN SMOKES HEMP CBD SMOKES.  Way beyond cigarettes.


Designed with cigarette smokers in mind: they look like cigarettes.. they drag like cigarettes… but they are Hemp smokes.

FILTER: Our smokes have similar filters to cigarettes. All of our filters are “high flow” and biodegradable

PACKS: Our boxes are very similar to cigarettes – sold in pack sizes of 20, 10, and 2 count.

FOIL: We use the same type of foil for protection and freshness as cigarettes.   

FREE of the harmful effects of Tobacco or Nicotine… and without the high of THC*. Our smokes deliver the beneficial effects of CBD – known for relaxation, helping to manage occasional stress, and activating the endo-cannabinoid system.


*no THC: all of our smokes are tested to contain less than 0.3% THC in the US or less than 0.2% THC outside the US – a level too low for intoxication. Our smokes are Federally legal according to the Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018. 



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