Our “Earth First” approach to business encompassing everything from “seed to sale.” It is our commitment to protecting the health of our planet and the humans who inhabit it. We only offer the highest pharmaceutical grade CBD – certified organic – no pesticides, chemicals, or additives.

We support local Oregonian and Coloradan farmers who are stewards of the land, proud of their harvest, and committed to organic farming, environmental health & sustainability.

Also part of this approach is our packaging. We only use biodegradable and chemical free materials and soy-based ink.


For every carton you buy, we will plant a tree in the state of California. California has suffered greatly from wildfires lately. These fires have ravaged our otherwise lush population of trees. Trees are critical for the health of the environment and us as humans.



Trees clean the air we breathe.

Leaves and bark absorb harmful pollutants while releasing clean oxygen. Strong and healthy trees act as carbon sinks, offsetting carbon and reducing the effects of climate change. 

Trees capture rainwater.

The intricate root systems of trees act to filter pollutants while slowing down water’s absorption into the soil. By doing so, Trees help prevent landslide erosion and reduce flooding. 

Trees create biodiversity.

Trees act as homes for thousands of life forms: insects, fungi, mammals, plants, and moss.