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Carton of 10-Packs Pineapple Squeeze (35mg CBD)

(3 customer reviews)


MOUNTAIN Smokes Carton (10 Packs / 10 smokes each / 100 smokes total, 35mg CBD per smoke)

Enjoy tropical vibes with our Pineapple squeeze – 35mg of full-spectrum CBD in each smoke – perfect for on-the-go relaxation. Just “squeeze the pineapple ” capsule in the filter – it will crack open and deliver a rush of delicious Pineapple flavor from straight from the tropics.


Premium Organic Hemp Flower and Pineapple squeeze capsule.

3 reviews for Carton of 10-Packs Pineapple Squeeze (35mg CBD)

  1. sally nance

    I tried the 2-pack, loved these so much I got the carton

  2. beau foley

    love these squeeze filters – use ’em when you want the flavor… or not!

  3. kris heilhan

    love sharing these with my friends – waaaay better than vaping

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