10-pack (70mg CBD)

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MOUNTAIN Smokes 10-Pack (10 smokes total, 70mg CBD per smoke)

For the bold traveler – 70mg full-spectrum CBD in each smoke, perfect for on-the-go relaxation. Whether it’s traversing mountain trails, navigating Manhattan streets, or just closing out a hard-days work, the Mountain 70mg smoke is exactly what you need. The full flavor and effect of these incredible smokes will carry you into the next moment with true pleasure. MORE ORGANIC CBD means MORE relaxation and a higher sense of focus.


Premium Organic Hemp Flower, Organic Mullein, & Organic Sage.

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7 reviews for 10-pack (70mg CBD)

  1. Christie

    First, a quick note about Smokey Mountain’s customer service: They are EXCELLENT! I had called with an issue, to which they were very responsive & they were very nice. They fixed the problem quickly & to my satisfaction.
    Customer service: 5 stars! 10/10!

    I bought these directly from Smokey Mountain and I have purchased the light ones from a local weed & art shop (customer service there is excellent as well! I’m very happy that you have good people selling your product. The smokes are very popular & they sell FAST -so much so that I have a hard time getting some!
    I left a review of the light ones on here, too).

    Anyway, for these smokes, specifically:
    •The smokes, including the filters to them, are BIODEGRADABLE!
    •No chemicals, nicotine, additives, or tobacco (they’re NOT cigarettes).

    •They are discreet with their look -passing as “light” cigarettes when not in the packaging, while otherwise being nothing like the nasty things.
    •These don’t stink like cigarettes at all! Your fingers might smell a little skunky after smoking these but washing your hands well with soap or, if you’re on-the-go, some natural hand sanitizer takes care of this (everyone brand is my favourite. It’s all-natural, gentle, doesn’t dry out your skin, smells great, and comes in either gel or non-aerosol spray bottle. I like both but prefer the gel.
    It’s much better when it comes to quality, health/safety, and the planet than sanitizers like Purell. highly recommend it). ashing your hands takes care of this. these smell great (I heard someone say to me while passing in a store, “Oooh! Someone’s having a good time! You smell GOOD!”
    -I told them about these and recommended them if they wanted/needed the smoking without the THC. 😉
    •The package design is pretty & easy to read & understand.
    •Shipping much faster than I had expected!

    • These burn very quickly.
    They do even when there isn’t a breeze or wind.
    I have found that I end up not being able to really enjoy or get much benefit from these because of this. I’m on a tight budget, so this is one of the things that keeps me from buying as often as I would like.
    •The cover to most of the packs I’ve bought came apart easily, which has caused a number of smokes & a chunk of money to go to waste, while making a mess throughout my bag.
    •The plastic wrap to the packs & the packaging itself ISN’T safe for animals & isn’t compostable/biodegradable (or even recyclable).

    I have had these & the light ones a number of times before leaving a review.

    Smokey Mountain seems like a very good company. The smokes & some parts of the packaging of them could use improvements, but I still appreciate the products I’ve had from Smokey Mountain.
    They have been better than things I’ve gotten from a dispensary. The customer service has been, too.
    Definitely give these a try! 🙂

    • MOUNTAIN Customer Service (store manager)

      Thank you for the detailed review Christie! Would love to respond to some of your concerns!
      -burning quickly: we encourage you to try our new, improved line of smokes – they include a hint of sage and mullein that helps slow the burn. The better the hemp you use, the faster it will burn, so it’s really a compromise and we prefer to use high quality hemp flower.
      -cover to packs: again, this should have been improved upon with our new line
      -plastic wrap: this is actually cellophane (made of cellulose), not plastic… and totally sustainable and biodegradable – we are proud that even the inks we use to print our packaging is Soy based.

  2. Trampus Naslund

    Plenty of bang (CBD) for your buck! I love these 70mg smokes. Delivers plenty of CBD to calm my anxiety and make me feel relaxed.

  3. ekstarr (store manager)

    This is the perfect smoke – refreshing, not heavy, and a sufficient does of CBD to help me chill.

  4. reese witherburn

    DOPE – literally. Hemp is the bomb. a legal way to smoke it, even better.

  5. William Spano

    When i am stressed – these smokes are my go-to. Chill AF.

  6. tellier killaby

    Calming, no anxiety. Ahhhhhh 🙂

  7. Ryan

    Smooth smoke. The 70mg strength is hands down the perfect amount of CBD for my back pain. Going to start buying packs of 20 from now on.

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