What’s your Ritual?




MOUNTAIN SMOKES are the product of our goal to create the finest non-addictive CBD Hemp smokes in the world, providing maximized benefits to your health. Every pack is filled with full-spectrum non-psychoactive CBD and organic medicinal herbs for uniquely rich flavor profiles. NEW FLAVORS coming soon!

Our Story



MOUNTAIN SMOKES were born from our love of hiking the Rocky Mountains, reaching a crest, and gazing out over nature’s perfection. Times like these call for a moment of pause & reflection — the perfect moment for a smoke. These reflective moments became a ritual for us and we want to share that ritual with you.


Our goal is to provide the finest non-addictive smokes in the world. We bring together decades of organic Cannabis growing, full-spectrum, non-psychoactive CBD, and the very best organic medicinal herbs for an unmatched, uniquely rich flavor profile. Once you try it, you will quickly realize there are no smokes quite like Mountain Smokes.


“Earth First” is at the core of our business practices and encompasses everything from “seed to sale.” It is our commitment to protecting the health of our planet and the humans who inhabit it. Learn more.


Your mind, body, and spirit will thank you. Start your ritual today. 


Feel the Mountains Calling?