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How smoking got smarter

MOUNTAIN Smokes was born out of a love for smoking and a quest to find an alternative to tobacco cigarettes. We knew there had to be a way to engage the rituals and pleasures of smoking, but without the risks of nicotine, addiction or harmful chemicals... a new generation of smokes for a smarter generation of smokers.

Our founder, Dan Iannotte, has been an avid figure in the hemp & cannabis industry for over 30 years. Dan is fueled by the powers of this amazing plant, and his vision to create products that can benefit society while supporting our planet.

MOUNTAIN Smokes were created to give you the most incredible smoking experience you've ever had.


Industry-leading commitment to sustainable sourcing & manufacturing

Hemp has been cultivated and enjoyed longer than almost any other plant on Earth including tobacco. The versatile plant offers a wide breadth of uses including materials, fuels, food, and wellness products yet has a far less damaging impact on the environment than any of its commercialized counterparts.

Growing hemp flower organically and sustainably is far less burdensome on the environment than the agricultural practices of 'Big Tobacco', and just like all other hemp alternatives, we find that smoking hemp is a relaxing way to enjoy a smoke.

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MOUNTAIN Smokes takes immense pride in the fact that we source all of our hemp from ethical organic farmers in the United States to create the finest quality, smoothest tasting Organic Hemp Smokes on the planet; truly a new generation of smokes for a smarter generation of smokers.

We have cultivated long-lasting relationships with these farms that span decades and extend far into the coming years to ensure a healthy and uninterrupted supply of the finest quality organic hemp flower for our MOUNTAIN Smokes.

This gives us true peace of mind when procuring the flower we use in our smokes and gives our customers the assurance they are smoking the best hemp flower available - not leftovers, shake, or trim.

The farmers we source from make their own soil, culture their own beneficial bacteria, and craft their own organic fertilizers to make a top-quality, clean end product. These are not just hobby farmers or large corporate commercial farms; our farmers are true stewards of their land and care about every step of cultivation. They are only happy if the Earth, their land, and the people that enjoy their hemp flower are happy.

Our customers know MOUNTAIN Smokes as a brand they can trust that never cuts corners just to push a product to market. We work diligently to expand and strengthen these relationships we have worked so hard to establish.

MOUNTAIN Smokes No Tobacco, Nicotine or Additives



The time has come to break-away from the legacy of Big Tobacco. A legacy that has destroyed and impoverished hundreds of millions of people globally. MOUNTAIN Smokes is elevating the smoking experience to a new level. We are redefining the smoking experience for a smarter generation of smokers.

All of our products contain NO tobacco, NO nicotine, NO artificial chemicals and NO preservatives. And they never will. SMOKE SMARTER

Elevating the smoking experience

MOUNTAIN Smokes are the most incredible smoking experience you will ever have. We provide a full-flavor organic hemp smoking experience with the addition of organic mullein and organic sage for a truly one-of-a-kind flavor profile that is exceedingly smooth, relaxing, refreshing, and enjoyable.

Each smoke is rolled with the finest hand-picked and organic hemp flower, organic mullein, and organic sage. Grown in the USA. Rolled in California.

MOUNTAIN Smokes are available in Natural Flavor, Pineapple Squeeze Flavor, and Mint Squeeze Flavor, in a variety of CBD strengths.


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ZERO TOBACCO. ZERO NICOTINE. Premium Organic Full-Flower Hemp Smokes.

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