MOUNTAIN Smokes Earth First ESG Principles

What drives mountain smokes?

MOUNTAIN Smokes, a division of The Hempshire Group, Inc., is committed to maintaining strict corporate practices in alignment with ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) Principles that make the world a better, safer, happier, and healthier place.

We incorporate these values into everything our company does, from sourcing ingredients through product production, to internal policies and labor practices, and throughout all partner, investor and customer relations.

Our parent company The Hempshire Group, Inc., is fanatically committed to protecting the health of our planet Earth and all her inhabitants, and we incorporate an Earth First approach into our business that spans everything from 'seed-to-sale'.

This includes the farms and farmers we source our hemp flower and other organic ingredients from, our manufacturing practices, our sustainable and recyclable packaging, and our company's carbon footprint.

All MOUNTAIN Smokes ingredients are sustainably sourced from small farmers.

The materials for all packaging - from ink to filters - used to create MOUNTAIN Smokes are compostable or biodegradable.

No harmful additives or pesticides are used while growing, curing, or rolling our smokes.

For every carton sold, we plant a tree in North America.

We support causes and organizations that help the environment and victims of prohibition still suffering today from cannabis-related offenses.

Employees are treated fairly and incentivized properly.

MOUNTAIN Smokes is committed to offering a healthy alternative to harmful tobacco cigarettes, which contain nicotine and harmful chemicals that ravage the planet's population and cause intolerable pollution of our lands and waters.

For MOUNTAIN Smokes, the benefits of sustainability will always outweigh those of profit.

Along with our commitment to sustainability, compliance with all applicable laws is at the forefront of our decision-making processes.

We listen to our customers, and encourage you to Contact Us if you have any feedback about our company.

Our Environmental Principles

mountain smokes environmental principles


We have only one Earth and we must ensure a healthy and habitable world for future generations. This begins by reframing the way all companies think and act locally as well as globally.

We support local farmers in Oregon, Colorado and California who are good stewards of the land, proud of their harvests, and committed to organic farming, environmental health & sustainability.

We give our farmers an equity ownership stake in our company to ensure long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships that we can count on year-after-year, and to ensure we get the finest quality organic ingredients for our MOUNTAIN Smokes. We perform regularly-scheduled testing on crops throughout the season to ensure our hemp is pest and disease free, as well as federally compliant at less than 0.3% THC in the US or less than 0.2% THC outside the US.

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MOUNTAIN Smokes utilizes only the highest, premium-grade organic materials: flavorful cannabinoid-rich organic hemp flower, mullein, and sage. We never use shake or trim. There are no 'mystery ingredients' or artificial 'base materials' in our smokes. MOUNTAIN Smokes contain ZERO pesticides, ZERO added chemicals, and ZERO harmful additives or preservatives. And most importantly, there is NO Tobacco and NO Nicotine.

Healthy soil and clean water are fundamental to the health and quality of our crops, but our approach goes way beyond that. The hemp genetics we source are all bred to be acclimated to their respective environments and regions. This practice ensures that all terpene profiles maintain a natural resistance to harmful pathogens and insects.

Our proprietary process for drying and curing preserves the best flavor possible. You can truly taste the difference. There is no other Hemp Smoke that even comes close to the quality, taste, and smoothness of MOUNTAIN Smokes. Period.


MOUNTAIN Smokes leads the industry in encouraging sustainable and biodegradable packaging.

Our packaging uses only biodegradable materials and soy-based inks.

We have pioneered the use of biodegradable filters unlike the acetate filters commonly found in tobacco cigarettes. The average time for a MOUNTAIN Smokes filter to biodegrade is around 5 days, compared to up to 15 years for normal tobacco cigarette filters!

Our packs are wrapped and sealed in plant-based cellophane. The “cello” in cellophane stands for cellulose – the structural component of all plants.

One Carton / One Tree

For every carton we sell, MOUNTAIN Smokes plants a tree in North America. Trees are critical for the health of the environment and us as humans.

Why Trees?

Trees clean the air we breathe.
Leaves and bark absorb harmful pollutants while releasing clean oxygen. Strong and healthy trees act as carbon sinks, offsetting carbon and reducing the effects of climate change.

Trees capture rainwater.
The intricate root systems of trees act to filter pollutants while slowing down water's absorption into the soil. By doing so, trees help prevent landslide erosion and reduce flooding.

Trees create and support biodiversity.
Trees are homes for thousands of life forms: birds, insects, fungi, mammals, plants, and moss.

mountain smokes one carton one tree planted

A New Generation Of Smokes For A More Environmentally-Conscious Generation Of Smokers. SMOKE SMARTER

It's no secret that the agricultural practices of 'Big Tobacco' have sapped our lands and soil of life and nutrients while polluting rivers, lakes, and streams, not to mention our bodies. When you factor in wasteful manufacturing processes and the 4.5 trillion estimated cigarette butts polluting the Earth, it's plain to see that we have much to gain (and everything to protect). Our focus is to create smokable products that do not fill our environment with non-biodegradable trash or our lungs with addictive and deadly chemicals.

We encourage consumers to enjoy and embrace the rituals of smoking they desire, without the harmful, addictive, and planet-destroying impact of tobacco, nicotine, and non-biodegradable materials.

When you smoke MOUNTAIN Smokes, you're enjoying a truly guilt-free smoking experience without the disastrous and deadly environmental legacy of 'Big Tobacco'.



Our Social Principles

mountain smokes social principles

Justice for victims of prohibition

MOUNTAIN Smokes supports causes that advance legislative reform for victims of cannabis prohibition. This includes decriminalizing cannabis, ending unjust and outdated imprisonment for non-violent cannabis convictions, and expunging criminal records related to cannabis.

There is no reason any person should be serving time for any non-violent offense related to a natural plant that is widely legalized, while thousands of other people build generational wealth doing exactly the same thing. We strongly stand with organizations such as The Last Prisoner Project, who are fighting to help the more than 40,000 cannabis prisoners in the United States alone, with countless others languishing in jails and prisons worldwide.

How MOUNTAIN Smokes Treats Our Employees

We depend on our employees for our success; and we strongly support the mental health and well-being of all team members through healthy wages, clear and honest communication, and fair incentivization.

Caring about the health and wellness of humanity

For decades, 'Big Tobacco' has disrupted the lives of those who are addicted to the deadly drug nicotine. MOUNTAIN Smokes provides a non-addictive, wellness-based alternative to tobacco cigarettes / nicotine-based products that allows people to embrace their smoking rituals free of the harmful effects of Big Tobacco.

Our Governance Principles

mountain smokes governance principles

Profit vs Sustainability

Profitability and sustainability are not mutually exclusive, and any company that says otherwise is simply lying. Short-term profits are not more important than the longer-term impact of sustainability. It isn't a hard decision to favor sustainability, and, in fact, when proper ESG principles are applied rigorously, profitability naturally follows.


Compliance with the FDA and the Farm Bills of 2014 and 2018, as well as all international, national, regional and local regulatory agencies are also key components of every decision made within the company. These regulations protect you, and we abide by them in a transparent, open manner.

We listen

As social, regulatory and competitive environments change regularly, our governance policies are designed to be influenced by the communities we serve and our customers. If you have feedback of any kind or any questions, please email us here.


ZERO TOBACCO. ZERO NICOTINE. Premium Organic Full-Flower Hemp Smokes.

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