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To get started selling MOUNTAIN Smokes CBD Hemp Smokes, fill out our Retailer Account application form, and we’ll review your application within 24 hours. Join our retailer family and say hello to YOUR NEW BEST SELLER!

MOUNTAIN Smokes are without question the smoothest, best-tasting CBD Hemp Smokes on the planet, and a sure-fire winner for retail and convenience stores.

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Why you should sell CBD Hemp Smokes

According to Nielsen, 1 out of 3 people who currently smoke tobacco cigarettes will buy CBD Hemp Smokes. 70% of people who smoke cigarettes are also looking to to find alternatives to smoking tobacco. THESE ARE YOUR CUSTOMERS.

Your current customers WANT CBD Hemp Smokes and they want them without tobacco, without nicotine or mystery ingredients, and without harmful preservatives.

MOUNTAIN Smokes are, by far, the highest quality, smoothest tasting, and most profitable organic hemp smoke product in the world. We are sure they will become your new best-seller quickly.

CBD Hemp Smokes (also called CBD cigarettes or hemp cigarettes) are quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to consume CBD, especially among the Convenience Store demographic, and MOUNTAIN Smokes are truly the best of the best. They are fully organic, completely sustainable and recyclable, with an ultra smooth, relaxing and calming taste, and available to approved retailers at very handsome margins now.

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Year over year, CBD products, and hemp smokes specifically, continue to drive huge revenue for retail locations, and their market share is continuing to expand at a rate of over 23% every year!

CBD HEMP SMOKES appeal to multiple consumers

More than any other CBD products, hemp smokes have a huge and quickly growing appeal for many types of customers: tobacco and cigarette smokers, e-cigs/vapes, and consumers of all types of CBD.

CBD HEMP SMOKES ARE a major profit generator

Unlike tobacco products, nicotine-based vapes, and other smokable CBD brands, MOUNTAIN Smokes offers all of our retail partners full keystone sales margins, with an MOQ of only $100, and a no-hassle approval.

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MOUNTAIN Smokes is creating a high-visibility POP Display Rack for retailers.

Why Retailers Love MOUNTAIN Smokes

MOUNTAIN Smokes is committed to helping retail partners at every step with sell-through and support. The moment your account is approved, you get access to all the tools and account support you will need for success.

We only succeed when you succeed, and our team of retail support experts will help you at every step of the way.

Easy ordering, fast, free shipping in the United States

Using our one-page online order form and checkout system, choose the products you want and complete your transaction in seconds - not minutes. All orders are processed immediately upon our receipt, and typically ship within 24 hours. MOQ is only $100, and all retailer orders ship free in the United States.


To get started selling MOUNTAIN Smokes CBD Hemp Smokes, fill out our Retailer Account Application and we'll review your application promptly. Most applications are approved within 24 hours.

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MOUNTAIN Smokes offers a full line of Organic CBD Hemp Smokes in a range of strengths and flavors, including:

  • MOUNTAIN Smokes Natural Flavor 70mg CBD per smoke
  • MOUNTAIN Smokes Pineapple Squeeze Flavor 50mg CBD per smoke
  • MOUNTAIN Smokes Mint Squeeze Flavor 50mg CBD per smoke

All SKUs are available as 20-Packs, and cartons of ten 20-Packs of each flavor.

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Distributors are encouraged to contact us for information about distributing and representing MOUNTAIN Smokes.

Please contact us here and we will reply promptly.

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