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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Retail Accounts

Approved Retailer Accounts

Retailers who have submitted the required information and resale or tax certificate may be approved to purchase MOUNTAIN Smokes products at wholesale prices. Such approval shall be in the sole discretion of The Hempshire Group, Inc., and may be withdrawn at any time in our sole discretion for accounts that violate these Terms and Conditions.

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

The MOQ for all retailer orders placed through the website is $100 for retailers who are selling products directly to customers. For distributor and wholesaler customers, MOQ will be determined in advance expressly in writing on a case-by-case basis, and the agreed-upon MOQ will be reflected as a minimum required spend in the user’s wholesale account. To apply for approval as a WHOLESALER or DISTRIBUTOR, please Contact Us directly here.

Placing Orders

Approved Retailers can place orders directly through this website. Wholesale and retailer orders incur no shipping and processing charges. Orders placed over the phone or via email may be charged a nominal processing fee at our discretion.

MSRP and Minimum Pricing

Retailers are free to set retail pricing in their own stores for our products. However, the price may not exceed the MSRP (as shown on our single-pack website prices here) + 15%.


Prices listed on our retail order form are in US dollars.

Returns and Errors

If a product was shipped in error, retailers are entitled to a refund of the difference between the received item and the ordered item, provided the received item is returned unopened. Sales on retailer-ordered products are otherwise final.


Payments for any order up to and including $1,500 may be placed via the checkout on this website via Credit Card or Debit Card. Orders above $1,500 must be paid for by Bank Transfer or Check only. Invoices and payment instructions will be provided immediately upon submission of all orders over $1,500. All orders are due and payable upon submission; processing and shipping of all orders will commence upon receipt of payment. If you would like to discuss special payment arrangements, Contact Us here for assistance.


Orders are shipped within 48 hours or less from the time payment has cleared, excluding weekends and holidays. For special circumstances we may be able to expedite your order; please Contact Us here for assistance.

IMPORTANT NOTE: By default, MOUNTAIN Smokes ships all retailer orders to a single location provided by you. If you require shipment to multiple locations, you must make special arrangements by Contacting Us here in advance.

Where Goods May be Sold

When MOUNTAIN Smokes are sold by an approved retailer directly to consumers, only physical facilities and websites that are under direct ownership of the approved retailers may be used to sell the products. We do not accept affiliate applicants, and you must have a valid reseller permit.

MOUNTAIN Smokes may only be sold in states and jurisdictions where the sale of CBD and hemp-derived products is legally permitted. MOUNTAIN Smokes and The Hempshire Group, Inc., assume no liability whatsoever for sales made by you in contravention of this requirement.


Currently, we do not offer a drop-shipping program.

Advertising and Promotion Materials

Any materials created or used by any approved retailer to promote and sell MOUNTAIN Smokes products must be a) created and provided by MOUNTAIN Smokes or, b) created by approved retailers with the express approval in writing in advance of usage (email will suffice) by an authorized MOUNTAIN Smokes executive prior to use or distribution of such retailer-created materials.

Consent to Retail Account Terms

By submitting a Retailer Account application you consent to these Terms and Conditions.