MOUNTAIN Zeros Sample Pack (One 2-Pack of Each Flavor)


MOUNTAIN Smokes Sampler Pack: 4x 2-Packs - 8 smokes total, 70mg CBD / 35mg CBD (Original, Pineapple, Mint) per smoke
New to MOUNTAIN Smokes? Not sure which flavor or strength to get? Try our "Starter Pack" which includes every strength and flavor: from 35 - 70mg CBD in our Original, Pineapple, and Mint flavors). 2-packs are perfect for on-the-go relaxation. When you light up one of these smooth smokes, rest assured that you are just one puff away from a better day.
Each filter contains a small capsule with organic liquid flavoring - when squeezed and cracked open, this liquid saturates the filter delivering a nice punch of flavor with every drag. To crack open the capsule, simple squeeze down with the tips of your fingers until you hear it "crack" open.

ORIGINAL: Premium Organic Hemp Flower, Organic Mullein, & Organic Sage.
PINEAPPLE: Premium Organic Hemp Flower, Pineapple Squeeze filter (capsule)
MINT: Premium Organic Hemp Flower, Mint Squeeze filter (capsule)


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