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MOUNTAIN Smokes Rewards members earn FREE Rewards Points with every purchase, and by completing other activities (such as completing occasional surveys or posting on social media).

Rewards Points can be used for INSTANT DISCOUNTS on any purchase at any time. Confirming your Rewards Account is free, and no purchase is necessary.

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Earning free packs is simple.


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Confirm your free Rewards Account to get access to earn and redeem points right away. No purchase necessary - ever.


Earn Points

Earn Rewards Points every time you make a purchase, set up your notification preferences, complete short surveys, and more!


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Redeem your Rewards Points at any time for INSTANT discounts and other cool rewards.

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Many ways to earn rewards.
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Earn points for purchases and a lot more.

When you confirm your free Rewards Account, you'll immediately earn your first 2,000 points on us (they're worth $4 in instant discounts), and you'll begin accumulating more points right away. Every dollar you spend on MOUNTAIN Smokes products earns 100 Rewards Points.

But that's not the only way to earn Rewards Points! We'll also give you Points for a lot of other cool things, including (but not limited to):


We'll give you another 500 Reward Points when you tell us what kinds of notifications you want (or don't want) in your Notification Settings (you'll have access to all your account settings immediately after you create your free Rewards Account).

Completing Short Surveys

Once or twice a month, we'll ask you for your opinion on a variety of topics, and you'll earn 500 points every time you respond to one of our short surveys (they won't take you more than a minute).

Sharing on social media

You'll earn rewards points for sharing photos of MOUNTAIN Smokes on social media too! Once you set up your Rewards Account, we'll email you all the different ways you can earn free Rewards Points.

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All MOUNTAIN Smokes Loyalty Rewards points are immediately redeemable for INSTANT DISCOUNTS on any purchase. You don't have to reach any milestones like other “rewards programs”.

You can log in to your MOUNTAIN Smokes Rewards Account at any time and see your current Rewards Points, set your notifications, update or reset your password, and see what your points are worth.

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Confirm your free account in less than a minute.

Every person that creates a free MOUNTAIN Smokes Loyalty Rewards Account gets an immediate 2,000 points, which are (like all Rewards Points) immediately redeemable for an instant discount on any MOUNTAIN Smokes purchase.

The MOUNTAIN Smokes Loyalty Rewards Program is unlike any other rewards program you've ever seen.

Read the full Terms and Conditions here.

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