Learn About Nicotine

MOUNTAIN Smokes Learning Center - Health Concerns About Nicotine

Health Concerns of Nicotine

A Poison with Enormous Health Consequences Most people are familiar with nicotine as the addictive, stimulatory drug added to tobacco products. While tobacco’s negative impact on health parameters is well-known among the general public, many individuals still remain in the dark about nicotine’s role in their health and well-being. Nicotine is a natural plant alkaloid,…

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MOUNTAIN Smokes Learning Center - Learn About Nicotine

What is Nicotine?

The Deadly Drug Used by Millions Nicotine has been the subject of contentious debate for decades. Some of us know it as the addictive additive in tobacco and vaping products such as vape juice used in e-cigs, while others may have experimented with its use as a stimulant. No matter your current understanding of this…

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