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can you smoke sage

Can you smoke Sage?

Sage, with its rich history dating back centuries, has transcended its culinary uses to find a place in holistic practices and alternative therapies. This aromatic herb, revered for its cleansing properties, has a storied past that extends beyond the realm of cooking. From indigenous rituals to modern-day wellness practices, sage has retained its significance in…

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MOUNTAIN Smokes Learning Center - History and Significance of Sage

History and Cultural Significance of White Sage

The History of White Sage Known commonly as ‘sacred sage’, bee sage, and white sage (among other names), Salvia Apiana is a perennial evergreen shrub steeped in rich history and cultural significance. Native to the southwestern United States, as well as northwestern Mexico and southern California, this interesting plant has played a big role in…

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MOUNTAIN Smokes Learning Center - White Sage Plant

What is White Sage?

What is White Sage The southern region of California and the Southwestern United States is home to many species of indigenous plants and medicinal herbs, but few carry as much history and intrigue as does white sage. Known widely in modern times for its use in smudge sticks and cleansing ceremonies, as well as for…

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